Top 5 Best Ukulele Brands for Beginners

Some people, especially beginners, what they tend to do is chase after famous brands which are very expensive, though most of them are way out of their budget, they go for it and end up buying the replicas of them which doesn’t sound good at all and probably stop working and end up in the corner of your room or in your trash can. Don’t be that guy! Go for a quality product which is good for its money and is genuine and in your budget range. Here are the top 5 ukulele brands and models you can go for if you are a starter.

Best Ukulele Brands for Starters

Product name Features Price range
kalaWater resistant Comes with free online classes$39 – $134
fenderComes with fender play appHigh quality wood and services $99 – $300
enyaWater resistant Anti-dust coating$59 – $100
WINZZVery light weight$52 – $59
Lohanu can be connected to an amp $94 – $164

1. Kala

For our first pick today and our winner, is the brand named kala. They are the best in the lower range ukulele race by a fair bit margin. They provide you with high quality woods on their ukuleles and amazing specs like anti dust coating for easier cleaning and water proof abilities. Yes, you heard it right, waterproof abilities. That doesn’t mean you can go swimming with it, don’t get your hopes up that high.

This brand provides you with a very good quality well-padded gig bag with every single one of their ukuleles so that they don’t get damaged on the way of shipping or when you are on the road with it. Some of their best sellers are the KALA-LTP-S and the KALA color chord. This brand won’t let you down if you are looking for your first instrument.


  • Comes with a well-padded gig bag
  • Free online classes and tuners
  • Water resistant coating 


  • Doesn’t come with an option of connecting with an amplifier 

2. Fender

It’s probably not a surprise for some people that this brand ended up on our list. For our second pick we chose the higher mid-range brand, Fender. This brand is very well known for their high quality guitars and amps but now, they are starting to take over the ukulele market as well with their innovative ideas.

This brand is known for maintaining high standards on their products; their ukuleles come with an electric guitar headstock which certainly makes the interment look cooler and gives it a life of its own. One of their most brilliant ideas is the Fullerton telecaster ukulele which is entirely built like the telecaster guitar but sounds and works like an ukulele.


  • Comes with fender play online lessons 
  • High quality strings
  • The perfect choice for intermediate players 


  • Might not be for every beginner

3. Enya

for our third pick, we chose the mid-range brand Enya. This brand also doesn’t fail to surprise its customers with its high quality ukuleles for not much money. This brand provides you with one of the best specs at this price range, and might also cut off some of your options you had on your mind. 

The Enya brand is just out of this ukulele world, they have carbon fiber concert size ukuleles like the nova u 23”. The nova u 23” is very well known amongst the ukulele society because of its light weight and its very good specs. This brand also provides you with water-resistant coating and anti-dust coating for you to clean your instrument easily and not get it ruined by water or sweat.


  • Water resistant coating 
  • Free online lessons with their instruments 
  • Anti-dust coating


  • Not for beginners 


For our 4th pick, we went for the brand called ‘WINZZ’. They are also a very well-known brand in the ukulele community and are one of the best brands you can go for as a beginner. They are our best lower end pick today. Their lower end ukuleles are made of plywood but can give you a very bright and nice tone.

The brand WINZZ comes with some very good specs for very affordable prices.

They provide you with a very high quality and good looking gig bag which can provide you with very good protection because of its well-padded walls and will make sure you don’t damage it on the road. Just like their soprano vintage ukulele which comes with a tuner for accurate tuning, many colors for you to choose from, a strap and their free online classes. This is the best low budget ukulele on our list. 


  • Light weight 
  • Very affordable price


  • Made out of plywood

5. Lohanu

For our last and final pick for today, we chose the high end ukulele brand Lohanu. This brand is one of the best high end ukulele brands for professionals out there. This always keeps its high standards by providing the customer with free gifts such as picks with a pick holder, a high quality ukulele strap, a well-padded gig bag, and a clip on, accurate tuner. 

Their brand also provides their customers with beginner’s lessons with each and every single purchase. They sell one of the best high end ukuleles like the splayed ukulele with a glossy luxurious looking finish and EQ, pickups and can also be connected with an amp.


  • Anti-dust resistant so that dust doesn’t get trapped and very easy to clean
  • Electric pickup and can also be connected to an amplifier 


  • Might be too expensive for some people

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Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 ukulele brand lists, we are glad you made it this far and actually read this, hopefully your choice and options are a bit more clear now, never stop strumming!

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