Top 5 Ukuleles for Professionals

Do you remember when you first started or picked up your ukulele? You would play the thing the entire day and won’t let it go until you knew how to okay one of your easier favorite songs and told yourself I’m the next Eric Clapton? You are not the only one. The ukuleles can have a massive difference in its sound just because of what wood it is made out of and most importantly who the maker is. The professionals usually go for the ukuleles which sound the best, can make the job done and look nice. So here are our top 5 ukuleles that can be used by the professionals.

List of Top 5 Ukuleles for Professionals (Overview)





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Fender Fullerton ukuleles

Fender Fullerton ukulele

Preamp and a tuner

$199 - $205

Lohanu Spalted maple for professionals

Lohanu Spalted maple

High quality pickup

Built in preamp

$164 - $169

Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt

High quality Preamp

$309 - $315

Lanikai Ukuleles

Lanikai Ukulele

D’addario strings

$389 - $400

Luna High Tide Ukulele

Luna High Tide Ukulele

Eye catching inlays


$279 - %285

List of Top 5 Ukuleles for Professionals (Review)

1. Fender Fullerton Telecaster Ukulele

Fender Fullerton Ukuleles for Professionals

This probably won’t be a surprise for you that this Fender Fullerton Telecaster Ukulele ended up on your first pick because of its specifications. This amazing ukulele is made out of spruce wood which can give you one of the best sounds you can ask for coming out of your instrument. And its beautiful butterscotch blonde clout and the black pickguard will make you feel like you are holding the first electric guitar ever created which has been used by the greats, Keith Richards, muddy waters, George Harrison etc.

The Fullerton ukulele also has a telecaster headstock, it doesn’t make much of a difference in the sound but it certainly compliments the entire thing. This also has a preamp system which has been designed by fender themselves by which you can control the volume and tone, and can also tune your instrument because of the built in tuner. This also has a no tie bridge.


  • Built-in preamp and a tuner
  • Free fender play services


  • Doesn’t include a gig bag even at this price.

2. Lohanu Spalted Maple

Lohanu Spalted maple Ukuleles for Professionals

For our second pick, we chose the Lohanu Spalted Maple Ukulele. This beautiful ukulele just doesn’t look nice; it has some wow factors under the hold as well. This comes in a tenor size and the body of this beauty is made out of maple wood for the best sound.

This also comes equipped with super Aquila strings, they are the best. Its beautiful glossy spalted maple finish will most certainly catch some eyes either when you are performing or playing in a family gathering. 

This beauty also comes with a built in tuner and an equalizer. The tuner will help you give you the most accurate tuning and the equalizer will help you choose the perfect sound for you with its volume, treble, bass, middle knobs.

And for you to plug it in an amp, this also comes with a very high quality pick up, not the cheap ones where there are distortions every time you strum on your ukulele


  • High quality pick up for plugging with the amp
  • Built in tuner and equalizer
  • Lifetime warranty


  • no colorways available

3. Oscar Schmidt OU7TE Electric Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt

The Oscar Schmidt brand makes one of the best ukuleles in the market so there should be a surprise why one of their ukuleles ended up third on our list. The OU7TE comes with a well-padded gig bag for you to carry it around when you are on the move, a high quality cable for you to plug the instrument in the amp, a clip on tuner, and a set of Aquila strings. 

The body is made out of Spalted mango top and the back and the sides are of abalone. This also comes with an equalizer and a tuner which means you can control the way your ukulele sounds just by twisting the volume and bass knobs. This also comes with a pickup for you to plug in with the amp.


  • Comes with a padded gig bag
  • Built in preamp and pickup


  • No color variations

4. Lanikai (QMBL CET) Ukulele

Lanikai Ukulele

Our fourth pick is a special one; the QMPLCET is a flagship model of the brand Lanikai and won’t fail to impress you no matter what. This beautiful ukulele would catch everyone’s eye at first glance and will make you fall in love with it exactly the way it looks so don’t think it’s just the aesthetics which is impressive. This ukulele comes with a high quality hard case.

This beauty also comes with a high quality Grover chrome tuner for the perfect tone and also preamp where you can control the sound of your instrument. They are equipped with D’Addario strings for the best sound and tone, and also a pickup for you to plug in with the amp.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best quality D’Addario strings


  • A bit on the expensive side

5. Luna High Tide Koa Ukulele

Luna High Tide Ukulele

For our last pick, we chose the very well-known brand Luna’s High Tide Koa Ukulele. Its satin finish will make you fall in love with it. Its top is made out of Koa and also the body. Mahogany wood is used in the neck and the fretboard is walnut. The fretboard has rising wave inlays on it, you just can't get enough of this ukulele, and this won’t stop surprising you.

This beauty comes with a built in preamp so you can easily control the volume and the sound coming out of this instrument. This also comes with a built in pick up so that you can plug your instrument in an amp and play in a concert or a big public gathering.


  • Built-in preamp
  • Beautiful inlays


  • No gig bag included

Final Words

Hope you liked our list of the top 5 professional ukuleles this probably helped you choose the perfect one for you, thank you for making it this far, if you didn't this imaginary puppy didn’t get her tummy filled

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