Top 7 Place to Find Royalty-Free Ukulele Music

It takes many things to craft some incredible content. Often times, it requires a heap of money. But what to do when you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spare more funds on background music? Easy! Find royalty-free music.

There are many costs involved with creating a video, from necessary equipment to post-production costs. For anyone on a budget, they need to be looking for opportunities where they can cut costs/ Fortunately, you can manage to save a lot when it comes to background music. Decreasing costs doesn’t have to affect video quality negatively. There is an abundance or resources for cheap or free music to select from.

Royalty-free music isn’t exactly free music; it simply means you have to buy a one-time licensing free which allows you to use the music whenever and however you want to, till the end of time! 

We have prepared a list of such resources so you don’t have to scour the internet looking for where to find royalty-free ukulele music. Let’s talk music source:

1. YouTube Audio Library

An Audio Library can be found in the “Create” section of YouTube. It holds an impressive lot of music from various genres, from Country & Folk to Dance & EDM.

You are free to use any track in your video content for free. The music is a blend of Creative Commons and public domain works. The only thing you have to is attribute the owner when using a track.

We suggest you use the search functions to reap the most benefits from the library. For example, you can search for tracks based on mood, such as “dramatic,” “funky,” or “calm.” Or you can look according to track duration, which is ideal when you want to make sure the sound fits your content’s length.

Another interesting area is YouTube’s Music Policies section. You will get access to a bunch of popular tracks as well as details on if you have the permission to use to them. If you do, then how you can use them.

2. Motion Array

There’s only one resource for Motion Array but it’s a good one. “23 Carefree Royalty Free Ukulele Music Downloads” will give users a limited yet decent selection of royalty-free ukulele music to choose from.

The ukulele is an extremely versatile instrument, and these 23 tunes do no justice to its characteristics. However, you will be able to get the basics done of your video content, nothing too fancy.

Unlike some websites that redirect links to another website filled with advertisements, all these tracks can be downloaded directly of Motion Array. Additionally, the tracks are level-1 of ukulele music.

3. Bensound

If you’re ever searched for “free songs,” or “songs with no copyright” for any reason, Bensound will definitely be one of the first websites to catch your eyes. Their website is filled with multiple tunes and tracks to get you started on your video content.

However, do make sure to check out the disclaimers! Tunes downloaded from Bensound can’t be used in making audiobooks, can’t wield a gun, no audio podcast, no remixes, and sadly, there are more.

4. Free Music Archive

Different tracks come with different licenses in the Music for Video segment. There are various kinds of Creative Commons license. Some are meant specifically for commercial use, others need attribution, and much more. 

The good news is that one can filter search by license. Since you need the tone for marketing activities, you can discuss everything later.

As you’ve understood from the previous sites mentioned, it’s impossible bring like a Beyonc save woman. But the music available is quite soothing and enough to add a certain oomph to your work.

5. Incompetech

Conveniently, Imcompetech houses a broad range of signal royalty-free ukulele players. Everything included, there are about 2,000 tracks made by Kevin MacLeod, another musician. Incompetech sorts the tracks according to genre, putting every track up for grabs. There is also a section titled “Film Scoring Moods.”

We highly recommended keeping tracks of the most current music and recently downloaded. Not only are they helpful you in what site the other has to offer, but this will be extremely offering

Pay a one-off fee to downloaded the whole library or music. Just give credit, kids!

6. Premium Beat

Everything, every purpose on Premium Beat seems to come at a price. The selection of royalty-free ukulele music is great, but you will have to pay for almost all of them.

There’s a monthly pack too for people who constantly need new tunes and tracks for their video content. Someone can get up to 5 royalty-free tracks at $12.99 per track! That is a really good deal, according to us. All these tunes are arranged in different sections like genres, collections, and what not. You can also subscribe to a monthly billing station where you pay $64.96 per month.

7. Envato Music

Envato Music is also called AudioJungle and is one of the most reliable sources of royalty-free ukulele music. Paid tracks start as low as a dollar.

A global community uploads their own work on this page. You can easily find ukulele tracks through categories, most or least popular, as well as recent items. Once you locate music you like, you can seamlessly download one track or multiples.

An interesting new feature, music kits offer modular music so you can change the tracks your way. This is perfect for the users who like customizing their music. Plus, you don’t have to stick to the same jingles like everyone else.

Signing up on the site will earn you a package of premium freebies a month plus stock footage, music, and premium video effects.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know where to find royalty-free ukulele music, your video content will never be dull and boring every again! Find the tunes you want and use as you like. The world is your musical oyster!

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