Top Quality Chin Rests for Violins

Chin rests for violins are an important feature in violins for any level of players. Without a well finished chin rest, you will find it uncomfortable as well as difficult to play the instrument. Sometimes the chin rests that come along with the violin kits are not very well suited for the user.

So, you need to get yourself spare chin rest to enhance your experience with the violin. Here are quite a few number of chin rests available in the market.





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Jiayouy Violin Chin Rest

  • Ebony wood frame
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible for 3/4 size violin


String Centre Teka Violin Chin Rest

  • Regular height
  • Upward cup slope
  • Viola hardware clamp


Conrad Gotz ZK257 Violin Chin Rest

  • 4/4 size violin
  • Boxwood finishing
  • Flat style


WITTNER 253251Violin Chin rest

  • Lightweight
  • Central moun
  • Secure fitting


Flat Flesch Violin Chin rest

  • Flat style
  • Center mount
  • Standard bracket


Timiy Black Violin ChinRest

  • Lightweight
  • Ebony Hardwood
  • Available in size 3/ 4 and 4/4


Conrad Gotz ZK1593G NAT Violin Chin Rest

  • Natural ebony wood
  • Compatible for 4/4 size violin
  • Closed style


Wittner Composite Violin Chin Rest

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Side Moun
  • Available in size 3/ 4 and 4/4


Kaufman Violin Chin Rest

  • Standard bracket
  • Side mount
  • Fits 4/4 Violin


Soarun Black Violin Chin Rest

  • Center mount
  • Fits 4/4 Violin
  • Ebony hardware


1. Jiayouy Violin Chin Rest

Jiayouy Violin Ebony Chin Rest is crafted with premium ebony wood. This chin rest is popular for its long-lasting performance as it is made from fine materials. It is also very light in weight and of professional craftsmanship. This precisely designed violin chin rest is to present an excellent for playing the instrument.

The finishing of this design is very professional, there are no sharp edges. Thus it has a smooth and flowing layout that holds up the chin perfectly.

This model is well suited for 3/4 length violin only. It is a very beneficial part of the kit to help you with your training and performance.

 You will find this model to be very easy to install. The standard metallic bracket on the sizes of the chin rest is adjustable according to your preference.


  • Easy to install
  • Smooth finish
  • Light in weight


  • Available for only size 3/ 4 violins

2. String Centre Teka Violin Chinrest

The String Centre Teka Violin Chin Rest is made from Ebony wood. It has a regular height, so unless you have very specific preference you can get your work done. In fact, you can share with your violinists.

This Teka chin rest is very easy to install, and it makes a proper shape for you to rest your chin.

This model is designed for full-size violins only. Since it is a regular height design it does not cover the entire tailpiece at a time. It only covers half of it. But you can always switch the sides on the tailpiece if you are a left-handed player. It works well for both right and left-handed violinists.

Overall, it is a very comfortable design and has a wide customer satisfaction rate.


  • Can be used by both left and right handed players
  • Very comfortable finish
  • Easy to install


  • Is made only for full size violins

3. Conrad Gotz ZK257 Violin Chin Rest

CONRAD GÖTZ ZK257Chin rest model is made in Germany. It is has a flat shape with no deep cups. Some violinists do not prefer chin rests with cups as it leaves some room for a bit of turbulence. With this model Conrad Gotz tried to solve the problem, they bring you a flat style chin rest. This model fits in 4/4 Violins only. That really is a sad part since it has a super comfortable texture.

It is made from boxwood materials. These are woods collected very high inspection and these woods are certified at the starting place. These are actually highly satisfactory and sparkling. They have used simple hand cut Portuguese cork for chin rest padding and great Goetz screws to give the model a closed fashion.

This German made chin rest is high quality and made very well. It even looks wonderful. You may spend a little more, but you get what you pay for. Make sure the shape is for you otherwise it will not suit you.


  • High quality material
  • Portuguese cork made chin rest padding
  •  Flat shaped for absolute balancea


  • A little expense for a tight budget

4. WITTNER 253251Violin Chin Rest

WITTNER 253251 is a German made chin rest. It is well made and assembled by excellent craftsmen. The built of this model is very precise and has the most perfect finish. It does not require any additional tools. It is designed for small size violins, which some players complain is difficult to find.

This is a center mount design over the tailpiece. If you prefer your chin to be lowered down while you are playing, this is a model you can look deep into. There is pitch black cloth labeling over the supporting cushion of the model that gives the design a solid look.

 This model is very easy to install on your violin. And it also has a firm and secure fitting. You do not have to be bothered about it slipping from its place even if the violin surface is too slippery. This model is that it is available for violins from size 1/4 to size 1/16.


  • Easy to install
  • Firm grip against with the instrument
  •  Good built quality


  • Only suited for small size violins

5. Flesch Violin Chin Rest

This is a beautifully crafted Flat Flesch-style chin rest. It is made from delicately selected Rosewood material. The height of this design is regular. The point where you rest your chin is slightly more than 1/2” from the top of the fiddle but goes to about 3/4” in height toward the center of the instrument. It has featured a standard bracket that has a firm grip on the violin. This model is very light in weight, so it doesn't add any additional weight to your instrument. It fits on both size 3/4 and size 4/4 Violins. It has a good customer satisfaction guarantee. However, if you are a left handed player then this is not the model for you. It can be used only on the right end of the tailpiece.


  • Lightweight material
  • Fine rosewood material
  •  Smooth finishing


  • Not suited for left handed players

6. Timiy Black Violin Chin Rest

Timiy Black is a Chinese made violin chin rest. It is made from ebony hardwood. It is a black color model. This is a very budget oriented piece. You will find it comparatively low in price that other chin rests available.

This model is crafted with sturdy and lightweight wood. It has a silver plated adjustable standard metal bracket to attach to the instrument. It helps you to comfortably place your chin and focus on your tunes. The curve of the model is mounted sidewise. So your chin gets the chance to be tilted to the side for comfortable positioning.

 This model is suitable for sizes 4/4 and 3/4 Violins. As it is economical and practical we suggest it is good for beginners to start their way with. This will allow the beginners to hold the violin easily and comfortably.


  • Good for beginners
  • Helps your head to be relaxed and tilted
  • Much light in weight


  • A bit slippery

7. Conrad Gotz ZK1593G NAT Violin Chin Rest

CONRAD GOETZ ZK1593G-NAT Stradivari chin rest is designed for 4/4 size violins. The quality of this model is ensured by using the finest materials. This violin chin rest is made from natural ebony wood. These woods are collected with very high inspection and these woods are certified at the starting place. They have used simple hand cut Portuguese cork for chin rest padding.  The height of this chin rest is 1.02 inches (2.6cm). And the depth of chin rest is 2.32 inches (5.9 cm), with a Width of 5.04 inches (12.8 cm). 


  • Quality hand cut
  • Simple design
  • Durable build quality


  • A bit heavier than other models

8. Wittner Composite Violin Chin Rest

Wittner Composite is a German made violin chin rest. It is designed with a side mount style. This design is prepared to relax your neck and shoulders in the best way possible. This is also designed to be absolutely non-allergenic for any player.

It is very light in weight and made from fine quality wood. And the craftsmanship of the brand is quite remarkable.

You can check this link to learn about more violin rosins.

It is a good model for a beginner which is designed for violins of 4/4 size.


  • Durable build
  • Good for beginners
  • Non-allergic material


  • Fits only one size

9. Kaufman Violin Chin Rest

Kaufman is a violin chin rest made in India. It is made from the finest ebony wood. 

This design is a side mount style chin rest. This makes sure your neck does not have any strain.

 It is a lightweight model so your instrument does not get too heavy. It has a standard bracket that is very easy to install with your instrument. This model however is only for violins of size 4/4.


  • Lightweight material
  • Fine wood
  • Hand cut


  • One available size

10. Soarun Black Violin Chin Rest

Soarun Black is made from ebony wood. These are basically crafted from the finest woods from India. It comes with a silver plated standard bracket which makes it easy to attach to the violin.

And the grip is quite firm on the surface of the instrument, though the kit does not include a tightening tool along with it.

 The finishing of the design is very smooth and durable. The cupping of this model is the center mount, so your neck does not have to be stiff. This only fits violins of size 4/4.


  • Comfortable finish
  • Reliable finish
  • Center mount style


  • Does not include tightening tool

Info Section to Chin Rests for Violins

You have to be careful while making the choice to get a chin rest as the shape of your face vary random model will not be suited for you. Let’s check out some of the import things you need to look for in a chin rest to enhance your experience.

Surface Style

Violinists feel comfortable in using different surface styles. Some of the players like a flat style surface while some prefer cupped surface. The flat surface will have your chin and neck put to a straight angel so that your eye lines perfectly with the strings of the violin while the cupped surface allows more room for you to tilt your neck and relax. But comfort really is a personal preference.

Size of the Violin

Chin rests are made for different sizes. So you cannot just pick any size. You need to find one that fits the tailpiece of your instrument.


You also need to consider the weight of the chin rest. If it is too heavy it will add extra weight on the violin which may feel uncomfortable.


Make sure the chin rest has a firm grip against your instrument. If it is slippery then you would have a hard time playing it on the surface of the instrument.

Final Thoughts

Your comfort is the most important thing in a chin rest over any brand. So make sure you know which features are best suited for your comfort. Consider the length of your neck and the width of your shoulder, so that your chin rest is at the perfect position of the tailpiece. Happy Playing!

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