Top Ten Best Quality Violin Pickup

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, if you are a violinist who is looking for something to boost up the sound quality of the precious instrument, then you must be looking for a violin pickup.The pickup is designed to amplify the sound of your violin. It further can reduce the feedback without an external microphone and offer you the quality recording you desire. 

Best Violin Pickups in 2021

All the brands claim that their product is the best option for you. But you do not have to try all of them and decide. We have chosen the best options from the market that is flooded with violin pickups, and assembled them in the list below for your convenience.

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The Feather Violin Pickup

  • Compact design

  • Soft rubber fluted volume knob

  • Power active preamble

  • Effect pedal compatibility


Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

  • No batteries required
  • Easy to install
  • No bowing nose
  • Instant transfer-ability


Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

  • Clamps easily to the violin bridge
  • Connects via cable
  • Excellent string balance
  • Feedback rejection


Cherub Violin Pickup

  • Plastic build
  • Light-weight
  • Clips into the ‘F’ hole
  • No battery required


KNA Violin Pickup

  • Natural color
  • Wooden sensor casing
  • Installs in the eye of the bridge
  • Accepts ¼” cable jack


Kremona Detachable Passive Piezo Pickup

  • Wood encased sensor
  • Solid ebony carpenter jack
  • ¼” cork lined jack available
  • handcrafted


Myers Pickups

  • flexible micro gooseneck
  • includes the new carpenter jack mouth
  • 2 lithium metal batteries required
  • Quite small in size


Fishman Classic Violin Pickup

  • Piezo ceramic pickup
  • Passive pickup
  • Lightweight to minimize muting
  • Easy installation without any alteration


Andoer Cherub Pickup

  • Clip on design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • ¼” jack with 2.5m cable
  • Eliminates external noise


Mighty Mini Pickup

  • No bridge alteration needed
  • No clips required
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • No instrumentmodification required


1.The Feather Violin Pickup – Best Overall

One of the best selling models of Myers pickup – The Feather Violin Pickup – is ultra- light and includes many built-in features for your convenience.

This product justifies its name as it is quite lightweight. But the light-weight does not lessen any of the features that you desire. This product amplifies the natural tones of your violin. Using a sensitive omni-directional violin transducer, it amplifies the volume.

It includes a preamp with a rubber volume knob which is fluted, so that you can have absolute control over the output, and even can do adjustments from the stage. And the best part is, it is quite small in size, so only your violin will get the attention and you will get the appreciation!


  • Ultra-light build
  • Sensitive omni-directional preamp
  • Can be inserted with multiple instruments
  • Pre-installed power source


  • The multiple mounting options can confuse many users

2. Headway The Band Violin Pickup System – Best Fitting Option

This product is easy to install and remove, offers effortless transferability and comes in a compact design – everything that makes this product the perfect choice for professionals. The velcro, instead of a clamp or mount, ensures firm holding of the pickup with your violin.


  • Handy installation and removal
  • Passive product, does not require any battery
  • Minimized body boom
  •  Durable


  • The velcro of the pickup can get ineffective due to regular use

3. Barcus Berry Violin Piezo Pickup – Best Feedback Free Option

No Feedback!

You heard it right. The Barcus Berry Violin Pickuprejects feedback and ensures that only the natural tone of your violin is delivered. This product also offers excellent string balance, wide band frequency, and amazing signal isolation for the most authentic sound of your violin to be delivered.


  • Feedback rejection
  • Requires no tool for installation
  • Output included for your own jack
  • Outstanding amplification


  • This pickup can mute certain frequencies

4. Cherub Violin Pickup – Best Bargain

If you are a beginner, then you need the pickup that functions great but does not cost you much. Rest assured because the Cherub Violin Pickup has your back.

 This violin pickup has a plastic build and weighs only 0.8 ounces. It reproduces the natural sound of a violin to an amp or PA set up. If you are a fan of bright and amplified sound, but want to stick to a budget friendly option, then this product can be the perfect pick for you.


  • Pleasant visual
  • Remarkable operational efficiency
  • Quick installation
  • Quite affordable


  • The tone quality does not meet professional requirement

5. KNA Violin Pickup– Best Handy Option

If you want to enjoy a high quality acoustic sound with enhanced clarity, along with an easy to install and detach option, then the KNA Violin Pickup is the right choice for you. The clamp barrels of the pickup are quickly adjustable and help you in easy installation. It will not damage your violin’s varnish, thanks to the soft cork lining attached to the clamps.


  • Minimal instrument modification is required to install
  • Enclosed sensor in wooden case
  • Unobtrusive product
  • Looks aesthetic


  • Some functional problems may occur

6. Kremona Detachable Passive Piezo Pickup – Best Quality

If you want to have a pickup of premium quality, which shows extra-ordinary craftsmanship and is handmade by the professionals of Europe, then voila! We present the Kremona Detachable Passive Piezo Pickup for Violin and Viola to you.

 Apart from the product’s amazing crafting, this pickup will give you the loud, clear and natural sound. Easy installation without any instrumental modification, and the adjustable clamp will make using this pickup very easy. Moreover, the transparent and warm tone of your violin is bound to amaze you.


  • Easy installation
  • Solid ebony structure
  • Amazing handcrafted product
  •  High quality sound


  • No built-in control available

7. Myers Pickups – Best Flexibility

This ‘black-box with a microphone’ looking product can do wonders!

We are in love with this small thing that produces high quality, transparent and feedback free sound. Do not go for the size, go for its micro-gooseneck that you can use to adjust the pickup’s position and choose the best angle. This active pickup comes up with pre-installed batteries, so that you can start whenever you want.


  • Superior sound quality
  • Adjustable micro-gooseneck makes this product quite flexible
  • Non intrusive design
  • Perfect for professional musicians


  • This product is on the expensive side

8. Fishman Classic Violin Pickup–Best for Professionals

This product is manufactured by Fishman for professional use. It offers you excellent operational efficiency and, is very light. This carpenter style pickup features ¼” output jacks, and the installation is quite easy. You will get a rich, warm and clear sound from your violin after installing this pickup.


  • Reduces muting
  • No instrumental modification is required
  • Provides a world class experience to the user
  •  Lightweight


  • In smaller violins, the installation may require professional assistance

9. Andoer Cherub Pickup – Best for Beginners

Beginners want pickup that functions like a professional product, but does not create hassle during installation, and costs very little. The Andoer Cherub Pickup has all of these qualities.

It is lightweight, so you can even carry it in your pocket. The installation is very easy and convenient. You just have to plug it into amp or any recording equipment. The clip on design not only helps you in easy installation, but also provides stability to the pickup.


  • Easy to attach to the violin
  • Provides good tonal quality
  • Natural sound with enhanced loudness
  • Does not mute the acoustic sound at all


  • The ¼” cable is very light and short

10. Mighty Mini Pickup – Best Versatility

We like products that offer you versatile usage. The Mighty Mini Pickup is designed not only for violins, but also all other string instruments.

This light weight, simple to use pickup will produce clear and warm sound. This is one of the newest innovations in string amplification, just plug into the amp, and you are all set to go. The enhanced sensitivity and exceptional tonal quality of the pickup will offer you amazing satisfaction.


  • Effortless installation
  • Powerful sound
  • Suitable for quality recording
  • Suitable for every string instrument


  • This product does not come cheap

Violin Pickup Info Section

A violin pickup is a small accessory that can take the sound quality of your violin to a whole new level.

Buying a pickup for your violin is hands down more convenient than buying an electric violin, just spare some bucks from your wallet and you can have the best music experience coming out of your favorite instrument.

As there are numerous options available in the market, you should choose the product that serves your purpose the best. Just keep in mind a few things.

Types of Pickup

The most important step before buying a pickup for your violin is to know which type of pickup matches your preference. There are 4 types of pickups; piezo, magnetic pickup, micro-goose pickups, and bridge pickup.

1. Piezo pickups are the most common ones, and they offer you variety of prices. Piezo pickups function by detecting the vibrations from your violin, and produce a deeper sound when you place the pickup on or near the ‘F’ hole.

2. Magnetic pickups are more expensive than the piezo ones. They are more sensitive to sound dynamics and provide a warmer tone. These pickups are modulated by string balance variations. Usually, magnetic pickups are used by professional musicians and violinists.

3. Micro-goose pickups are known for reproducing natural sound. Tiny transducers attached to the preamps allow these pickups better sound control. You can also try different angles and directions with them, as they are omni-directional.

4. Bridge pickups need permanent installation. They have transducers that detect sound and convert it to signals. Grab these pickups knowing that they require professional installation and can also cost you some extra bucks than other pickups. However, they do not ruin the aesthetic of your instrument.


Some pickups can be clipped into the ‘F’ hole, some pickups are designed to clip onto bridges. Positioning is super important, as positioning transducers towards the ‘F’ holes under the bridge can help you in getting a deeper and louder sound.


There are 2 types of pickups, active or passive. Active pickups require battery installation. Some active pickups come with pre-amps. They do not need external shaping and have a higher and more consistent tonal output. Passive ones contain magnets and transducers that produce electrical currents. You can just plug in the passive ones and you are good to go.

Permanent or Removable

Violin pickups with clamps or clips are usually removable, while bridges with transducers are kind of permanent. However, choose a pickup keeping in mind the frequency of plugging in your instrument.

Price Range

Good quality violin pickups will cost a bit extra, but won’t definitely poke a hole in your pocket. Also, you don’t want to spend money on something which you wouldn’t like later on. So, look for the best quality pickup from our list, and make sure you like the quality.

Final Thoughts

You will not believe that how a small inclusion to your instrument can upgrade the quality of its sound, until you install a violin pickup. We always wish for you to have the best performance. This review article is a small example of our concern for you.

We have presented 10 best pickups for your violin. But out of all of them, our favorite is The Feather Violin Pickup. This one pickup has all the qualities that you need, it is light weight, durable, great amplifier, has sensitive omni-directional preamp. But more than anything, this pickup is in your control. So that you can make adjustments to the output anytime you want.

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