8 Best Types of Ukuleles (Beginner’s Guide)

The joy of creating music on your ukulele gets blocked out if the instrument just does not suit you. You finally decide to get yourself your favorite instrument and excitedly get going.

But as soon as you arrive at the store, your excited self gets bamboozled while choosing which kind of ukulele to buy. If you are not in the mood of wandering around the stores with a confused mind, we got you covered. 

Today, we present you with eight of the best types of Ukuleles. There are hundreds of available models of Ukuleles to choose from, which come in every price range. Most of the ukuleles can be placed under one of four standard sizes and tonal ranges. The soprano is the smallest, the concert comes after it. Tenor and baritone are on the bigger side of the size scale. 

Regardless of the sizes, the ukuleles are comparatively more affordable than other musical instruments. Just like every class has their top students, ukuleles have their best kinds as well.

The main things to take into consideration while choosing the best ukulele are the construction, the voicing or range, and the neck feel. It should also be noticed if the ukulele is in re-entrant tuning.

1. Mahalo Soprano Ukulele:

The Mahalo Soprano ukulele is the best kind of ukulele for strumming summer-y tunes. It is one of the most popular types with a basic model. These are durable with fine tuning and decent sound quality. The Mahalo Soprano Ukuleles cost around $35 USD. 

These are constructed from Sengon, with a voicing ‘Soprano’. It is an acoustic ukulele with 4 strings made of nylon. 

This inexpensive ukulele is great to learn on for beginners. It represents an ideal mix of fun and value for money. These ukuleles have various range of designs. It goes from

printed patterns on a traditional-shaped body to ‘flying V’ ukuleles. With such a huge variety, you could possibly find one of these that goes with your personality. 

2. Kala Mahogany Ukulele:

The Kala Mahogony ukuleles are for the ones who care about the tone.  It is constructed with Mahogany on the top, back and sides. It is an acoustic ukulele with a ‘Concert’ voicing. This popular ukulele has a price of $79 USD. 

It is a very noticeable step up from the rung above entry-level ukuleles which makes the Kala more than enough for most ukulele players to play at home, or go out and play with others and always be content. Due to the mahogany construction, this ukulele has a darker tone which perfectly complements its concert voicing. 

3. Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele:

If price is not a matter to worry about, Martin T1K Tenor ukulele is definitely one to splash your cash on. It is constructed with Solid koa on the top and the sides. This acoustic ukulele has a ‘Tenor’ voicing. The price of this niche ukulele starts from $539 USD.

Among all the expensive models available out there, this kind of ukulele has the best sound quality. Apart from ukuleles that are rare, vintage, or a custom order, the Martin T1K Tenor is worth every penny. These are good enough to last a lifetime.

4. Fender Venice ukulele:

If you are a fan of aesthetic looks on your ukulele, the Fender Venice Ukulele is for you. Constructed from Basswood and Walnut, these ukuleles have a Soprano voicing. These beautiful ukuleles cost only $59 USD. With the kind of stylish finish the Fender Venice has, you would not mind going a little over the entry level price range. The surf green options benefit from a slim ‘C’ neck to provide comfort. 

Even if it is not the Taylors and Martins of the ukulele world, there is nothing that can stop one from adoring the Fender Venice Ukulele. 

5. Yamaha Guitalele ukulele:

Just as the name suggests, the Yamaha Guitalele Ukulele is an undeniable fit for guitarists. It is constructed from Spruce on the top and Maranti on the back and sides.

Unlike most ukuleles, this acoustic ukulele has 6 nylon strings, which describes why it is the best option for guitarists. This ukulele with a Baritone voicing can also prepare you for starting your guitar journey. It has a price of $99 USD. 

The Yamaha Guitalele sits halfway between a guitar and a ukulele with its two extra strings, A tune and the lack of re-entrant ‘G’. Its Baritone voicing results in thick tones and a better bass end than most other kinds of Ukulele. 

6. Ukutune UKE1 23″ Concert Ukulele:

The Ukutune UKE1 23″ Concert Ukuleles have a mid-range quality with a splash of visual flair. With Concert voicing, these ukuleles are ideal for adult players who are looking for a better more quality available within the lower end of the price bracket.

Its fine construction has a body made of Spruce with Ebony on the back and on the sides. The neck is made from Ebony as well and the fingerboard is of walnut, which elevates it above the beginner instruments. With splendid natural finishes, the Ukutune UKE1 23″ has a price of $129 USD. The fine construction of this ukulele gives it a sweet tone. 

If you are looking for an upgrade from your first ukulele, you can blindfoldedly go for the Ukutune UKE123.

8. Fender Grace VanderWaal Zuma Signature:

The earlier ones in our list are all acoustic ukuleles. If you are looking for an electro-acoustic one, Fender Grace VanderWaal Zuma Signature is a great pick. It costs $199 USD, which is hugely less costly than other ukuleles with an electric touch. This 4 stringed ukulele has a concert voicing.

Made with Sapele on the top, back, and sides, this affordable beast is hard to beat. A Fender headstock that is modeled on the Telecaster and a Fishman pickup, this ukulele can not only rock a good unplugged session but also can run through gigs.


Strumming on your ukulele sounds like a wonderful melody that heals your soul. Now that you’re aware of the top picks in the ukulele world, step ahead and make the right choice without any further ado.

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