Ukulele Fingerpicking Song Tabs

Ukulele fingerpicking tabs come with just four lines and a few numbers which are quite easy to read especially for beginners who are not still accustomed to standard notations. This allows you to make sense of the “tough” ukulele tablature for which you have to learn quite a few terms. On the other hand, ukulele song tabs can be used for a variety of skills and styles. In this article, we will walk you through what a ukulele tab is, along with different selections of fingerpicking song tabs for you to practice. 

What Is A Ukulele Tab?

A ukulele tablature also known as tab is an easy music notating system which uses numbers on lines to indicate the strings and frets of a ukulele. The competitive advantage of this route is that there’s not much to learn here and anybody can do it if they have a ukulele. It’s simply counting! So as long as you’ve got that covered you can use the tablature to play a song. 

Represented by four horizontal lines for the strings on a ukulele, the top line indicates A-string, the second line is C-string, the third one is E-string and the bottom one is G-string. 

A |——————-|

E |——————-|

C |——————-|

G |——————-|

Then, there are numbers placed on the lines which demonstrate which fret needs to be pressed down. From this, you can identify the open strings that are being plucked. 

A |——–0–|

E |——0—-|

C |—-0——|

G |–0——–|

Also, sometimes you need to play all frets on one string. In that case, the fret numbers will be placed on the same horizontal line as shown below. 

A |–3-5-7-3–|

E |———–|

C |———–|

G |———–|

On the other hand, vertical placements of numbers on the four horizontal strings show that you need to play the frets simultaneously as a chord. 

A |–3–|

E |–0–|

C |–0–|

G |–0–|

Fingerpicking Patterns 

Thumb and Two Fingers Picking

Pimp Pattern 

Using three fingers, the pimp pattern requires you to use each finger starting with your thumb on the G-string and moving your way to the C-string. 

Alternate Picking

In this, you have to alternate the thumb between the C-string and the G-string. So you need to strum G-string using your thumb, followed by E-string with the middle finger. Then, strum C-string using your thumb and A-string with your middle finger. 

Reverse Pattern  

In Pimp patterns you go up the strings, but in the reverse pattern, you use the thumb to pluck the strings and continue so in a downward direction. 

One Finger Per String Picking 

PIMA Pattern 

Here, you use your thumb to go up the strings from the bottom one. 

PAMI Pattern 

Here, you use your thumb to strum the G-string then follow the opposite pattern. 

Fingerpicking patterns help you figure out how to strum the strings on the ukulele. If you are playing a song that has a part with G and C strings next to each other, go for the one finger per string method. But if these two strings are not consecutive choose the thumb and two fingers method. 

The Easiest Ukulele Fingerpicking Tab Only Songs

1. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

This song has one of the easiest fingerpicking song tabs that just takes place on the first three frets. All you need is to get the rhythm right in this song, which is possible in just a few tries even if you are a beginner. Check out this to get the tabs for this song. 

2. “Horn” by Nick Drake

This is one of the most suitable pieces for beginners learning how to play the ukulele. In this song, you can open with a C-string and continue mainly on the A-string. However, keep in mind that you would need a ukulele with five frets if you want to play this song as it requires the use of G-string at some point in the song. You can find the tab for this song here

3. “Let Her Go” by Passenger

Although this song sounds like something only an advanced ukulele player will be able to achieve, complete beginners can pick it up as well. You need to learn this slowly focusing only on a few notes at a time and become an expert in those before you add on more notes in your practice. Since it sounds complicated it will give you a sense of achievement once you learn all the notes and play them without any difficulty. You can find the tabs for this song here

4. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Lorde

This song has one of the easiest tab arrangements and it can be played using a thumb and two fingers fingering pattern. However, an even easier route is to use just the thumb. You can try both ways and see which one works better for you. Find the tab arrangement for this song here.

5. “Hanging Tree” by James Newton Howard ft. Jennifer Lawrence

Another song that can be played by just strumming using your thumb is Hanging Tree. Whenever you reach a part of the song where there’s more than one note, you can strum down the strings. To find the tabs for this song, check out this link.


As you can see from this article ukulele fingerpicking song tabs are quite easy to understand in comparison to standard notations that are filled with musical staff and notes. All you need to do is follow the tabs for a chosen song and you’ll get it right even on the first try! We hope you can utilize this article to do so and come back to it for song tab options whenever you need them.

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