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Internet forums, for those of you who are unaware, are online platforms where, in the form of posted comments, people can hold discussions. Forums exist for almost any conceivable topic, on the internet. So it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of great ukulele forums as well. These forums are extremely helpful as they are essentially a bunch of like-minded people with similar interests discussing all things ukulele. You can always count on them to give you the latest updates and crucial details regarding the world of ukuleles. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best ukulele forums on the internet.

1. Ukulele Tuner 

So the Ukulele Tuner is the first Ukulele Forum that has become very popular with young people. Ukulele tuning is the most critical thing in the ukulele playing session. To get your ukulele in tune, there are a lot of deals you can subscribe to here. Five presets are also available and you have the chance to choose from them. To help you out, there are self-notes and song notes along with chords. Your preference is obviously important. You get to select from multiple options here. There are so many articles you get here that both the beginners and the pros will be very helpful.

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2. Ukulele Underground

There is another Ukulele forum called Ukulele Underground. They are keen on spreading the notion that the instrument is only a figure to assist a ukulele player in the next generation. There are guidelines and strategies included in the form of posts, including the occasional video collaboration by participants. There is the chance to go through the web or donate to it and to form or connect a society as well.

The fundamental lessons, again, are free. The forum is preserved by promotion and the chance to contribute. If you are someone who can afford the money, there is an option to make a payment to the forum.

3. Uke School

Once you have made your decision to try your new ukulele, you need additional knowledge and support. Here, the website is divided into simple and advanced guidance. You get support, details, and directions depending on the level you are currently on. This way, to get what you need, you are more specific. It is very helpful for individuals who need easy guidance and support. Here, when you are studying or playing the instrument, you will find history and all the ukulele-related stuff you want to have. There are also numerous categories, such as a special one that includes items dedicated to new players.

4. Easy Ukulele

For beginner ukulele players, this is the best website and here you get all the tactics and tuning for strumming the instrument the correct way. The page owner is really enthusiastic about the tool and so hearing him out is very inspiring. Along with charts and notes, there are video lessons and chord tutorials. The ukulele festivals and the information of ukulele players are also included here. You’re getting a lot of Ukulele feedback to help you buy the right ukulele that suits you.

5. Flea Market Music

Do you want to visit a forum for inexperienced and experienced players that is really full of information? You have to visit this website then. There is a lot of data that can enhance your knowledge of the ukulele and people around the world enjoy the experience of users here. You get an opportunity to find all the basic information about the history of the ukulele and even the conversations are full of helpful interactions that add to your ukulele life.

6. Ukulele Songs

Another website that is perfect once you have your simple ukulele playing lessons and now you need chords to practice every day. Almost all kinds of chords are on this website, and you even get a wide variety of pop music here. This website is not the top platform, but it certainly has a lot to give to players seeking knowledge of the ukulele. On a daily basis, you get tools and so you stick to information almost constantly. This website has a lot of video tutorials and blogs that are very encouraging about the ukulele, and players upload their clips.

7. The Uke

The Uke is another wonderful ukulele forum that is enjoyed by music lovers. For new learners, this forum contains a number of performances that are inspiring and helpful. You need to sign up here, and you’ll be able to post regularly once you complete the process. You may also answer the posts of other individuals and figure out the problem they have.

8. Curt Sheller’s 

This website is a popular ukulele forum that provides information about different ukuleles. You can search this site if you are looking for a forum where you can access the past and various relevant chord charts. You need to come and see this website to enhance your playing abilities and share your stories. Hopefully, you will earn a great deal of gratitude for your enthusiasm. 

9. UkuWorld

This is almost a one-stop center for all your ukulele needs, Ukelele players can use the advanced UkuTuner to tune their ukulele. You can learn ukulele scales at UkuScales and practice chords with UkuChords. If you are feeling a bit lost, then UkuGuides is great for the easy tips as well as some of the detailed guides. Finally, above all, you can enjoy playing your favorite songs with UkuTabs on your ukulele, where you can find a large number of songs at your fingertips.


Whether you are new to the world of ukulele music, or have been passionate about this instrument for a while now, it is always great to find like-minded people with the same interests on the internet. We hope this article has helped you find ukulele forums that will surely come in handy.

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