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Every musician, beginner or a professional, needs to take care of his or her instrument with diligence. Your instrument is your companion in the musical journey, you walk on the road of music and rise with this.

Best Violin Rosins in 2021

We have done all the brainstorming analysis to make this list of best rosins available in the market, just for you to choose the best option.





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D’Addario Artcraft

  • Made from the original Kaplan recipe
  • Low dust
  • Light no. 6
  • Packaged in a flannel pouch


Jade L’Opera Jade Rosin for Violin

  • Made for violin, viola and cello
  • Dust free adhesion
  • Do not scratch fine varnishes
  • It comes up with a protective velvet cloth wrap


Sherman Violin Rosin

  • Wood material type
  • Comes in a 2” wood holder with cover
  • Dark type rosin
  • Handy in every climate


The Original Hill Dark Rosin for Violin

  • Contains pure rosin extracted from pine trees
  • Slightly softer then the light, amber
  • Wrapped in a padded velveteen shell
  • It is dark


D’Addario FBA VR200 Light Violin Rosin

  • Made of all natural ingredients
  • Available in both light and dark formulas
  • Plastic channel allows easy handling
  • Quality control manufacturing in the New York


Pirastro Oliv/Evah Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello

  • Quality control manufacturing in the New York
  • Provides good grip
  • Quite soft


The Original Bernardel Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello

Medium light rosin

  • Medium sticky
  • Comes in a round cake shape
  • A handy pouch is included


Andrea Solo Violin Rosin

  • Half  cake violin rosin
  • Original color version
  • Symphony viola rosin
  • Item weight is 1.58 ounces


Pirastro Goldflex Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello

  • Round cake shape
  • Rosin with tiny gold flex
  • Comes in a protective satin like cloth
  • Provides smooth grip


Melos Light Violin Rosin

  • 100% handmade
  • High quality melos rosin
  • Made of Greek pine-tree colophony
  • A harder light rosin for summer


1.D’Addario Artcraft – Best Overall

This rosin is everything you need to take care of your bow. No wonder that we place it at the top of our list.

This product justifies its name and is made from the original Kaplan recipe handed down from Ladislav Kaplan. This low dust product comes with a case that allows you to use the rosin using one hand. Convenient, and comes up from the reputed D’Addario store – we do not ask for more!


  • Creates lesser dust
  • You can use the rosin with one hand
  • Provides high level stickiness to the bowstrings
  • Quality control design and manufacturing


  • The size is relatively smaller in this price range

2. Jade L’Opera Jade Rosin for Violin – Best Quality

When we say that this product has the best quality, we mean it.

The Jade L’Opera Jade Rosin for Violin provides a smooth yet firm grip and takes the best care of your bow. It creates almost no dust and does not allow bow scratching. Apply it once, and you can relax for at least two hours without any worry.


  • Little to no dust
  • Fine varnish
  • Single application can last for two hours
  • Top notch quality


  • Can cost you some extra bucks

3. Sherman Violin Rosin - Best for Beginners

If you are a beginner then you need this rosin as it will not require any advance technique to apply.

The 2” wooden block is very handy as well, it makes the transportation easy in every climate. The product comes in an entry level price. And the best part is, you can even get the perfect friction to create a fascinating tone.


  • Entry level price
  • Adjustable in every weather situation
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a wood holder and cover


  • Creates dust that can reduce tonal clarity

4. The Original Hill Dark Rosin for Violin – Best Material

Why going for imitations? When you can have the ORIGINAL rosin?

This product contains pure rosin that is extracted from pine trees. Which means that this is an original rosin. This rosin is preferred by professionals worldwide. This dark and soft rosin also comes with a velveteen shell, that gives you the rich experience.


  • Provides smoothness to the strings
  • Increases the durability of the instrument
  • Comes in a padded velveteen shell
  • Can be used for violins, violas and cellos


  • If kept in harsh conditions, the pouch can melt into the rosin

5. D’Addario FBA VR200 Light Violin Rosin – Best Versatility

This product allows you the versatility you desire, this is suitable for bows with both horsehair or synthetic hair. Made from all natural ingredients, this rosin comes in a plastic channel for more convenience and easy grip.


  • Applicable for versatile bowstrings
  • Single or twin pack variety
  • Fits nicely in an instrument case
  • Easy to grip


  • Some people may find this product more expensive

6. Pirastro Oliv/Evah Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello – Best Tone Producer

This product is manufactured under the quality observation of Pirastro – the biggest string seller company in the world. The Pirastro Oliv/Evah Rosin stands for the company’s reputation. The rosin block allows a gentle grip that helps in producing warm and mellow tones on the string.


  • High quality rosin
  • Suitable for violin, viola and cello
  • Provides strong grip
  • Produces quality sound out of the bowstrings


  • Slightly on the expensive side

7. The Original Bernardel Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello – Best Price

Get the top-notch rosin for your bow in an affordable price.

Made in France, this product is the original Bernardel rosin which is medium-light and helps you in producing sharper tones. As this rosin is medium sticky, you will not get the stickiness like the darker ones, which will help you in getting bright tones.


  • Allows smooth playing
  • Suitable for violin, viola and cello
  • Quality control manufacturing
  • A handy pouch is provided


  • Some instances were reported where the rosin did not appear to stick to the bow after using a while

8. Andrea Solo Violin Rosin – Best for Soloists

If you are a soloist, who is very particular about the precise tune, then the Andrea Solo Violin Rosin is just perfect for you.

This rosin provides the perfect friction to the strings with its smoothness. You can distinguish the rich tune after applying this rosin to your bow. The subtlety will amaze you for sure, although quality comes with price.


  • It prevents cracks on the strings due to high pressure
  • Helps you in getting the perfect sound projection
  • Durable
  • Prevents lousy grip


  • If applied too much of the product, the sound may alter

9. Pirastro Goldflex Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello  –Best for Every String Type

Rosin that has tiny gold flex inside!

The Pirastro Goldflex Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello has gold flex inside the round shaped amber colored rosin, that gives you excellent grip, helps you in producing amazing tunes, and last but not the least – looks outstanding!


  • Perfect for all type of strings
  • Suitable for violin, viola, and cello
  • Provides extra clear and deep sound
  • Prevents scratches


  • The specific substances can be allergic to some users

10. Melos Light Violin Rosin–Best for Summer

If you live in a place where hot climate dominates most of the time, then the Melos Light Violin Rosin is made just for you. This handmade rosin will amaze you with the amazing craftsmanship. This product does not contain any chemical fillers like glucose or sugars. So, get ready to get the buttery touch on the strings and go organic!


  • 100%  organic product
  • Amazing craftsmanship in building
  • Provides awesome grip
  • Smooth touch to the strings allows you in forming nicer tones


  • High risk of breakage with a soft shell

Violin Rosins Buying Guide

We do not want you to have lousy grip or string cracks. We do not want you to think even for a moment that your talent is not matching the quality of your prized violin. You are amazing and so is your favorite instrument. It just needs some maintenance and care to boost up the performance. Buying a quality rosin can be the first step to show your violin the love and care it needs.

This violin that you have needs your time and care to function at best, so that you can perform your best. Getting a good quality rosin can help you in taking care of your precious violin. Rosin is hands down one of the most essential accessories that you should carry in your violin case.

Cars need fuel, and violins need rosins! The small and interesting lump of tree sap, rosin, can work wonders for your violin. You want your violin to deliver the maximum level of performance that matches your talent and music spirit. But without proper maintenance, your instrument will not perform well. To keep your violin in an outstanding shape and to create a beautiful and even tone, you must have a good rosin.

The reason why rosin is called the wonder product, is because of its ability to boost up the performance level of any violin. And not just violin, any string instrument such as viola or cello requires a rosin touch every now and then to function properly.

Now that you know about the available quality rosins in the market, you are ready to buy. Read the following notes to learn more before purchasing a rosin.


There are 2 types of rosins, dark and light. Different colored rosins are appropriate for different instruments, though they generally work for all string types. Usually, lighter rosins suit high-string instruments such as violins and violas. Keep in mind the color of the rosin as it has impact on the instrument’s tone as well.


Rosin can come either in a box or as a cake. The boxed rosin is recommended for beginners. As most of the beginners have synthetic or non-horsehair bows, the boxed rosin sticks better on them. Boxed rosins are also quite affordable. On the other hand, the cake rosins are expensive, but they are of superior quality.


Climate has a great impact on rosin. Almost all the musicians tend to use different rosins in different seasons, because temperature can change the consistency of rosin.

Valuable metal

You will often find rosins coming up with valuable metals such as gold, silver, or copper. These metals can change the sound of your instrument. Copper delivers an almost velvet quality, silver gives you a brighter tone, and gold is considered to be perfect for soloists as it produces a warm and clear tone.

Material Used

People can have allergies with either a specific substance used in the rosin, or the product itself. So, know the materials before buying. You can also go all natural with many rosins, if you find chemical ones problematic.

Price Range

Good quality violin rosins will cost you a bit more than the average ones. But, you can still find a good rosin within your budget. Just make sure to check for the features it provides. Go through our list, and find the best violin rosin suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

We have listed the best rosins to help you choose from the countless products available in the market. But our favorite remains the D’Addario Kaplan Artcraft Rosin. This rosin is formulated using the original Kaplan recipe. It creates less dust and helps you in keeping the instrument clean.

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Moreover, the product comes up with a beautiful case that helps you in using the product with just one hand. Manufactured to carry on the reputation of D’Addario, this rosin will give the high level stickiness to your bowstrings, and you can rest assured that your violin will not let you down.

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