Benefits of 432 Hz

Have you ever wondered if music has any beneficial or healing properties? The music we listen to everyday is mostly always at 440 Hz, since this is actually the international tuning standard. But what is so special about the benefits of 432 Hz?

It’s actually said to be our universe’s natural frequency, to have healing powers that calm your mind and body. You can unlock the hidden treasures of the universe just by tuning your music a semitone below the international standard of 440 Hz.

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Why 432 Hz is So Soothing?

What are the Benefits of 432 Hz?

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It has been proven in some scientific studies that when you listen to music that is tuned to 432 Hz, it creates a sense of well-being and peace since it is a harmonic sound of nature itself.

Just having the pitch lowered by 8 Hz makes us more creative, flexible, spontaneous and peaceful by calming down our senses. It is also able to put our mind in a naturally relaxed state by releasing all of the negative energy. This is a frequency that can unite the consciousness and body with the wonders of nature. 

What Exactly is the 432 Hz Frequency?

As we stated before, it is said to be the natural frequency of the universe. Music is something that has a huge impact on our everyday lives. It affects us in many different ways, such as reducing blood pressure, and anxiety.

It also affects our psyche and some internal functions like heart rate. We know that music is built up of frequencies, and therefore the frequencies of a track influences the responses of our brain and our feelings even.

A frequency of a 432 Hz makes sure that our brains are tuned to the frequency of the earth and nature itself which in turn gives us a strong sense of relaxation.

Compared to the higher pitched 440 Hz, people argue that 432 Hz has more of a noticeable feeling and sensory for the body to it due to the quality of the sound. In musical terms 8 Hz is what forms the groundwork for building 432 Hz.

8 Hz cannot be described without having 432 Hz included; neither of them can exist independently from the other. Medical researchers and doctors have found out and proven that our brain waves resonate perfectly at somewhere around 8 Hz.

This frequency is said to release any emotional blockage by resonating inside a person’s body and aligning the person with not just the earth, but the universe’s heartbeat. This frequency unlocks intuition, heightens perception and even increases a person’s mental clarity. 

This frequency is generally referred to as a healing frequency due to proven facts that it lowers blood pressure, heart rate and also helps to reduce anxiety. The 432 Hz frequency makes both the hemispheres of your brain work in more synchronization, which essentially gives you an increase in creativity, intuition and also your insight.

The frequency is sometimes said to be a scientific tuning and it has been found in many ancient geometrical arrangements such as the Great Pyramids and StoneHenge.  

Ancient Uses

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It is strongly believed that Mozart himself used the 432 Hz frequency for all of his music, which isn’t entirely true. 

The evidence for that can be found in an ancient tuning fork with the tone of 421.6 Hz and it was the 1780s. Johann Andreas Stein, the Viennese piano builder is who the tuning fork belonged to.

At that time, he was the leading piano maker in all of Vienna who was not only responsible for Mozart’s piano but Beethoven and Haydn’s as well. And it is most likely that they all used the 421.6 Hz frequency for their music.

Verdi is the only composer who is known to show a preference for the 432 Hz pitch, but it doesn’t have a lot to do with any spirituality or cosmic relations, it is actually more because as an opera composer he was well aware of pitch inflation, which put a strain on many singers’ voice since they were struggling with the high notes on the score. 

It is also false that 432 used to be the standard in the past and now we are straying away from our ancestors' ancient wisdoms. When it was deeply researched, documented and measured, it was found that the earliest mention of 432 Hz in the world of music, was actually in 1880 in Italy. It was actually made by Verdi due to practical reasons related to his music and not spirituality as we have seen before.

What Are the Benefits of 432 Hz?

Apart from all the hoax and false rumours that are spread around, there is still a lot of evidence put forth by many doctors and researchers on the benefits from 432 Hz. 

It is a really harmonic frequency that is actually seen in a lot of spiritual texts around the world. It is even seen that singing at 432 Hz is actually much easier on the vocal cords and also much more relaxing when compared to 440 Hz.

This frequency makes your meditation sessions much more powerful and effortless and it deeply connects you with your consciousness by creating a powerful, unified resonance that can be felt throughout your entire body.

It is also used by many music therapists due to its healing properties. It is used to help improve basic movements in a stroke patient and also to help Alzheimer’s patients restore their memories. It makes sure that your brain is tuned for your general well-being. 

Final Words

The 432 Hz frequency has shown great promise in many aspects. It helps with insomnia and also reduces stress to its bare minimum. It makes you feel better by releasing endorphins and serotonin. It has a lot of medical and spiritual benefits and is definitely worth the listen.

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