What Kind of Ukulele Should I Buy?

Looking to know what kind of ukulele should I buy before you make your choice? Ukulele is getting popular these days. Not only because it has four strings, but because it is fun and easy to play too.

If you are a newbie in the field of string instruments, you can start learning your music instrument lessons with ukulele. 

However, there are hundreds of different models of ukulele available and you have to choose the ukulele that will be the best for you. If you end up with the wrong one, practicing with it won’t be fun anymore and you’ll end up being discouraged. 

So take a look at the points given below and decide what kind of ukulele is meant for you.

Different Kinds of Ukulele

Ukulele comes in different sizes and quality. Each kind of ukulele has a different tone than the other ones. And they have their own drawbacks and benefits too. 

Let’s get introduced to the basic ukulele types.

Soprano Ukulele

Soprano ukulele is the most basic type. And it is the most popular and well known one too since it mostly sounds like the traditional Hawaiian ukulele. If you have an image of Ukulele in your mind, you must be thinking about the soprano ukulele then. 

Soprano is the smallest ukulele in size and it is closest to the original Hawaiian size. It features 12 to 15 frets and is narrower than other types. 

If you have small fingers, then you will find it easy to play. It’s because you don’t need to stretch your fingers much, and you would be able to play all the chords very easily. 

But if you have big hands and long fingers, then soprano ukulele won’t be good choice for you. You can find here Top 5 Best Soprano Ukuleles.

Soprano ukulele is cheaper than the larger ones and it is best for the beginners. 


  • Scale Length: 13″
  • Full length: 21″
  • Tuning: G-C-E-A (High G)

Concert Ukulele

Concerts Ukuleles are next in size after soprano. It has a traditional tone like the soprano one. However, it sounds deeper, fuller and louder. 

Since it is bigger than the soprano, its frets are wider too. So if you are someone with medium or bigger size hands, then you can opt for it. 

Concert ukuleles are good for beginners too. It sounds more versatile and louder than the soprano ones. 


  • Scale Length: 15″
  • Full Length: 23″
  • Tuning: G-C-E-A (High G)

Tenor Ukuleles

Next in size are the Tenor ukuleles. It sounds even deeper and fuller than the concert ukulele for its bigger size. 

Professional musicians find tenor ukuleles the most amazing for their better sound quality. Unlike concert and soprano ukulele, tenor ukulele has both higher G and lower G strings. 

Such ukulele is great for its versatile sound quality but it doesn’t have the classic, traditional tone. 

However, don’t opt for these ukes if you are fascinated with the traditional tone. Plus avoid them too if you are someone who has small hands and is a beginner.  


  • Scale Length: 17″
  • Full Length: 30″
  • Tuning: D-G-B-E

Baritone Ukuleles

Bariton Ukeleles are the biggest in size. In fact, it measures close to an actual guitar in size. It sounds like the highest four strings on an actual guitar. 

Ukulele is well known for its light and airy sound. But Baritone ukuleles won’t give you the actual airy feeling of traditional ukulele that you will get from soprano and concert ukuleles. 

Moreover, their string vibrates differently than the other ones, so it won’t have much twang. 

If you are a beginner, then you should definitely not choose baritone ukulele over the other ones. It’s because its chord shapes and tuning is different than the others. 

It’s big-size like an actual guitar and the stretched frets would make it hard for you to play it too. 


  • Scale Length: 19″
  • Full Length: 30″
  • Tuning: D-G-B-E

Specialty Ukuleles

Besides these four types of ukulele, there are some hybrid ukuleles available in the market. 

These ukuleles are a mixture of traditional ukulele and other instruments. These specialty ukuleles are more fun to play. Then again, it’s better for a beginner to stick to the traditional ukuleles. 

Let’s get introduced to the specialty ukuleles. 


Banjoleles are small like traditional soprano ukuleles. They tune the same too. 

However, as you can guess from its name, it has a banjo-style body as well as it has a plunky banjo tone too that adds a somewhat heavy and hollow twanging sound to it. 

If you want to try something different and refreshing, then you can try out this instrument. 


As the name suggests, guitarleles have some similarities with actual guitar. It has six strings and tunes like a guitar.

Guitarlele is an amazing instrument that both guitarists and ukulele players can try out. 

If you know how to play a guitar, you would be able to play the guitarlele too as it has same number of chords. 

Besides, you will also get to enjoy the sound of ukulele without learning to play a new instrument. 

A Few Ukulele brands

There are many brands in the market that offer amazing quality ukuleles at a good price. Let’s highlight some of them below:


They have great ukuleles for the beginners. Plus, the price range is cheap too. They offer electric and electric-acoustic ukuleles in rainbow colors too. 


They can offer you ukuleles of different price range, from high to low. Their ukuleles provide amazing sound too with a beautiful outlook. Here is a guide for Prices of Kala Ukuleles.

Oscar Schmidt

They are known for top quality and durable ukuleles made of different kinds of woods. 


Lanikai ukuleles are popular for their Hawaiian touch due to their manufacturing roots. You will get most of the amazing handcrafted models from the brand at a much affordable price.


Trying out different musical instruments is fun. And ukulele is a great choice since it is easy to handle and play.

Choose the right kind of ukulele that would be best for you. However, stay away from the cheapest local ones since their low-quality performance will disappoint you only.

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