Where to Find Royalty-Free Ukulele Music

If you are going into video marketing, then choosing the right track to keep your audience interested in your video from the start till the end is really important. A mismatching track may just have them leave halfway through. 

The key is to choose a properly fitting soundtrack for your video or whatever it is that you are working on. It needs to keep your audience captivated and raise certain emotions in them that make them want to keep on watching till the end and get interested in whatever the purpose of your video truly is, whether you are promoting your brand or making a simple music video. If you neglect the music aspect of your video, people will think less of your brand. 

Choosing Ukulele Music for Content

Ukulele music can be really light-hearted and upbeat, originating in Hawaii around the 19th century, it spread over the world in no time and won over millions of people. Now you can find thousands of ukulele tracks online that can be used to provide a feel-good, upbeat vibe to your videos, vlogs, YouTube videos or even class and office presentations.

If the happy and carefree ukulele music is what you’re looking for to keep a smile on the face of your viewers then we have just what you need. Whether it’s ukulele music or anything else, we’ve got them all in our list for you to choose from!

Benefits of using Music effects and soundtracks in your videos

It was shown in many different studies and tests that people prefer to watch videos that have a fitting music to it. It makes the videos feel more impactful and captivating which makes them more convincing to the audience.

Whatever it is you’re trying to create, whether it’s a social media video, serious training videos or even a persuasive product video, choosing the right soundtrack will be the thing that separates you and makes you stand out from the rest of the pack. 

However, in the video marketing world you don’t really have a group of musicians that can give you a hit soundtrack for your videos, which is why you need to sort out using stock songs provided by music websites. In most cases though, these music websites charge you with a royalty fee for each of the tracks they offer. This is something that most small video marketing teams don’t really have the budget for.

Lucky for you, today we have gathered here some of the best music sites that can provide you with royalty free high quality music and soundtracks to make your next video project perfect with the right fitting track. Let’s dive right into it then!

1. PremiumBeat 

Number one in our list, PremiumBeat is a website that is owned by Shutterstock. It offers you with one of the most sizable and diverse collections of music on the internet, that too, royalty free. They have over ten thousand curated tracks with the help from their own music industry experts, that you can easily sort through by duration, genre, mood, beats per minute, artists and even instruments. 

They also have an Editor’s Pick that has over 850 of the best tracks that PremiumBeat has to offer, which is also curated by their music experts to help you find the best possible soundtracks for your videos. 

2. Artlist

Artlist is another great music website to help you find amazing sounding tracks. They create original tracks by partnering up with some of the best indie artists out there. They even help big companies like Microsoft, Toyota and National Geographic make their video soundtracks. They offer you over thousands tracks which you can filter through by genre, mood, theme, duration, tempo and instruments. 

They also have themed collections of tracks and albums from their partner artists’ which are spotlighted and also curated by Artlist itself. So you can choose from their collection and make your videos even better!

3. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is one of more popular royalty free music sites you can choose your soundtracks from. Their tracks are featured on both Facebook and YouTube videos which can rack over fifteen billion views each month. Epidemic Sound has collaborated with some of the best and talented musicians in the industry and has over 725 royalty free curated music albums, with a huge variety of genres. They allow you to create high quality and diverse soundtracks that choose ones that best fit your video projects. 

4. Soundstripe

Soundstripe has partnered with more than eighty artists to produce their songs which can be filtered through by genre, instruments, vocals, duration, beats per minute, mood, pace and key. They have over fifty playlists which they have curated that have genres from action and sport to wedding and chill tracks. 

You can even create an account on Soundstripe to like songs, follow artists, playlists and also create playlists of your own. If you are looking for soundtracks or sound effects for your videos then you can find over 29 categories of music that range from sci-fi to even constructions.

5. Pond5

Offering over 500,000 tracks ranging from 36 different genres, Pond5 has one of the largest music libraries in the world with royalty free music. It also offers you with genres ranging from action to even chill Hawaiian for you to choose music tracks from and make your next video project stand out from the rest. 

Final Words

It can be hard to browse through to find high quality royalty free music and soundtracks for your projects. Hopefully this article will help you have a better selection of tracks for your videos and save you much more time!

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