Where To Get Free Ukulele Lessons

Online websites are great for getting free ukulele lessons especially if you are a beginner. These websites are catered towards sharing skills and knowledge on the ukulele publicly. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can obtain these lessons at the convenience of your home. 

Not all ukulele lessons that you find online are set the same way. While some websites solely focus on improving the skills of players who already know the basics, there are quite a few sites out these where instructors will teach you everything you need to know even if you have no experience. In this article, we have provided you a list of the best websites from where you can get ukulele lessons for free!

1. Ukulele Tabs 

This website is suitable for ukulele players at all levels because it has lessons catered towards beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced ones as well. With the abundance of free materials on Ukulele tabs, you can practice the lessons how many ever times you want. 

Some of the important areas that a lot of people are attracted to in this site include studying chord and string names, reading the tablature, learning fingerpicking techniques, and mastering the fretboard notes. The courses are not arranged in any order so you can choose to learn whichever lesson you prefer. Therefore, it’s great for intermediate learners who can use this platform to improve their basic skills and knowledge of this musical instrument. 

Also, what’s great about this website it has an online community of other ukulele players so you can always communicate, share, and learn from people who are at the same level as you.

2. Uke School

Here’s an online platform with free ukulele lessons for beginners. The easy-to-use website has everything you need to know about the ukulele including fingerpicking tips, how to tune the musical instrument, what the chords are, etc. With instructional videos, interactive tools, audio files, and PDFs, you’re bound to learn and improve your ukulele skills within a very short time. 

The self-taught platform has segmented the lessons in a way that the students do not feel overwhelmed. You can easily learn at your own pace and become an excellent ukulele player if you desire because Uke School provides a great combination of music theory and practical learning. 

3. Will Grove White Online Ukulele Lessons

This platform is ideal for both beginners and advanced level ukulele players. The lessons have been divided into three parts that cover the requirements for learners at all stages. You can learn basics such as learning the chords, tabs, and how to strum and you can also obtain dozens of free materials on chord sheets, videos, and audio files. 

Although a beginner can utilize this platform to learn about the ukulele the focal point of this website is to improve your ukulele skills over time. Therefore, it has step by step process of every area that one needs to cover concerning this musical instrument. 

4. Ukulele Tricks

This website provides 14 instructional videos ideal for beginner level students. The easy site will walk you through ins and outs of the ukulele starting from how to tune and start strumming to understanding the chords and playing songs. 

The founder of Ukulele Tricks is Beth McQueen and the site offers McQueen’s teaching approach which is very motivational especially for students who are just starting with the musical instrument. Plus, the learning structure is very simple so anyone can follow the lessons easily. Throughout the lessons, you’ll also learn hundreds of tips and tricks to improve your skills on the ukulele every day. 

5. Learning Ukulele with Curt

Also known to be a teacher and an author, Curt Sheller is a famous ukulele player who has a platform called “Learning Ukulele with Curt” where he offers a wide range of ukulele lessons that include tutorials for songs, online videos, downloadable practice books, and more! 

A popular feature in this platform is the “chord of the day” where he shares a unique chord and teaches you how to play it step by step. Not only that, but the platform also allows you to obtain lessons from other ukulele instructors who are highly skilled to ensure you the maximum learning experience. 

6. Live Ukulele 

Although the website requires you to pay for the live ukulele lessons by Brad Bordessa, a renowned musician, there is a wide range of free materials on the platform which you can utilize. The free information and blogs will help out any beginner-level ukulele player as it covers the most essential areas of the musical instrument such as the chords, tabs, string names, strumming songs, and more! 

7. Learning Ukulele in 7 Days

“Learning Ukulele in 7 Days” is an excellent app for free ukulele lessons and it’s available on both iOS and Android. Ideal for beginners, this app provides 6 mini-courses that include multiple lessons including how to memorize important major and minor chords, how to develop and improve right-hand strumming technique, how to master half notes, quarter notes, and more! 

Plus, you’ll also be able to learn the tricks to keep a solid rhythm and play in sync. To kick start your ukulele journey, the app provides you a tuner and a chord finder which you can utilize for a long time. By following this app for 7 days you’ll be jamming to your own performance by the end of the week. 


All the websites featured in this article are great sources of ukulele lessons that are free and convenient. Since most of these lessons are created by experts keeping in mind that the receiving party does not know the ukulele, it will be very easy for you to grasp it. Therefore, go ahead and try multiple websites if not one, and get those free ukulele lessons!

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