Why are So Many Songs about Love?

Love is a universal expression of emotion that most people all over the world can relate to. Love is not a single expression, rather it’s a combined expression of different emotions. Some say love is the most beautiful thing to ever exist. And how you perceive love is totally up to you. Read this article to know more about this topic of songs in depth.

Songs have existed since ancient times. Its been around for 40,000 years according to history. So there are probably a very big number of songs existing and on top of that, thousands of songs are getting produced every year. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to be a music lover or enthusiast to realize the fact that the music industry is dominated by love songs. There’s a chance you might even relate to some of these songs.

Whether the songs are about falling in love, having a crush, expressing beauty, friendship, heartbreak, or moving on, it connects to one emotion and that is love. Now you might wonder why are most of the songs are about love, not anything else. In this article, we are going to answer your question by digging more into love songs.

Love is a powerful emotion

Why are So Many Songs about Love?

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It might sound surprising to you but there is a reasonable nexus between love and art which makes love songs a form of art. Art is fuelled by emotion and passion and love is one of them. Love is a powerful emotion that can make people do things that they wouldn’t consider doing in the normal course of action.

Hate is also another powerful emotion and people can do devastating things out of hate. However, hate is quite the opposite of love and everything about it is negative.

And if anyone is given the option to choose between love and hate, most of them would choose love because it’s a positive feeling and love can lead towards happiness as well. On the other hand, hate can be self-harming, and usually, no one would prefer to be sad and angry over being happy.

And most people, especially music artists around have experienced love even at a certain period of their life. They want to cherish it and put it into the form of a song which is known as a love song.

History of love songs

Why are So Many Songs about Love?

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To understand the reason behind so many songs being about love, going through the history of it might make sense. Love songs were a part of the musical culture around the world for a long time.

Moreover, If we trace back to the history songs of the Western culture, lobe songs have been presumably the most popular type of song for more than 1000 years. And when it comes to genre, a significant amount of pop song lyrics contains love, romance, and sexual acts. You can certainly see the reflection of it in the Billboard top 100 charts.

Theoretical aspects of love songs: There are some theoretical aspects of love songs where love gets involved. Charles Darwin is mostly known for coining the theory of evolution.

According to him, music is interlinked with human biological needs. But you will be surprised that he has a theory of music as well where he explains that the main reason behind the scope of evolution of music is writing love songs.

He compared a peacock showcasing its tail to get attention from its opposite gender with music, being a means to show off and getting a mate. Though this theory was rejected not for having sufficient scientific backup.

However, later on, Darwin’s theory of music came into the limelight when it became evident through scientific studies that, music has a connection with hormones behind sexual arousal and other related feelings. So the comparison of Darwin between humans and peacocks cannot be thrown away out of the window.

Love songs of the ancient era

As said before, love songs have existed since ancient times. But yes, there were no recording facilities in ancient times and there are no original recordings that would add direct evidentiary value to the existence of it.

However, according to history, there’s been a lot of love songs written since the ancient era which was found in many religious scriptures in the form of lyrics and poetry. These were part of marriage ceremonies and rituals. The oldest love song ever to be discovered was named “Enheduanna”.

It was discovered in the library of Ashurbanipal which is located in Mesopotamia. The lyrics of this song have romantic as well erotic implications which without any doubt qualifies as a love song.

Love songs of the Classical Era

Even though the classical era of music, in general, is known from 1730 to 1820, love songs of the classical era started right after the ancient era mentioned above. Sappho was known to be the first pop singer.

Sappho used to write poems and she was the first to write, sing, and play cithara at the same time. There’s one thing very common about the classical and ancient eras, that is most of the songs were written in the form of poems.

So the songs known back were basically poems chanted with melodious attributes along with instruments like cithara to make it sound more like a song and melodious as well.

Medieval and Renaissance Era

It is believed that modern love songs trace back to their roots in the medieval and renaissance eras that belong to the troubadours which are the courtly love songs.

According to the book Love songs: A hidden history, Gioia revealed that the love song of the troubadours has its roots in the Middle Eastern woman slave culture that was brought to Europe by the Muslim invaders which made love songs a global tradition.

These love songs started to get very popular. However, these love songs were not very rich in lyrics. It contained one melodious like which was sang repeatedly like chorus along with instruments like the flute.

In the renaissance era, polyphonic instruments got introduced and started gaining popularity. Lyrically rich music started making its way with multiple melodic lines along with polyphonic instruments. These songs were not based on chords, rather only melodic lines.

History of love songs through some famous songs

History might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you appreciate songs, you might get to know a bit of lovesong history through some famous love songs.

Why are So Many Songs about Love?

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This is a famous and controversial love song of the time it was written. The melody of this song was written by Karol King when she was 18 years old.

The lyrics were written by her husband who she had to marry in a rush because of getting pregnant. The song was being banned by several US radio stations because it was believed that this song promoted extramarital relations.

Most importantly, it raised many debated just because some group of women sang it. Point to be noted that at that time, extramarital affairs were considered to be taboo in western society, and women asking for sex before marriage was too much for the people to take back then.

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton (1976)

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Eric Clapton requires no introduction. He produced some wonderful love songs and this song is literally titled “Wonderful Tonight”, no pun intended.

Eric wrote this song waiting for his girlfriend who was getting dressed upstairs for attending a tribute arranged by Paul McCartney. Eric’s girlfriend was Pattie Boyd who got recently divorced from her Ex-Husband George Harrison.

And she was about to be the husband of Eric. In an interview, she expressed that Eric was playing guitar downstairs when she was getting dressed up. She took too much time and after a certain time, she rushed downstairs thinking that Eric might be annoyed and angry as well. Eric surprised her by offering to play “Wonderful Tonight” he just wrote.

Love songs started to get very popular in the jazz genre. This is a jazz song written by Cohen describing love in an older person’s narrative. The album I’m your man contains passionate love songs with sexual implications which proved that love and romance are not only a young person’s thing.

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This is the most modern song on this list. And this song has its own value and importance as a love song because of its feminist implications. This song was written by Ed-Sheeran and Fiona Bevan.

This song was written with the view to normalizing the physical insecurities that young women have. This song explained that it's okay not to be imperfect not have the fittest body, and how lovely and unique they actually are.

Final Words

There are more than enough reasons behind love songs getting so much importance over any other songs. There are plenty of love songs that explain situations that every people go through in their life which might be metaphorically, hypothetically, or theoretically. 

You can always listen to these incredible songs and appreciate the beauty of them. You might even try giving a shot at writing your own love song.

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