Why Playing Ukulele is Easy: Top Reasons

The world would be an exceedingly washed out place, if it wasn’t introduced to the melodies of music. Among the vast number of musical instruments, it is often hard to decide which one to go for. Ukulele, being one of the most popular instruments, often crosses the minds of every music enthusiast. Since learning a new instrument is quite a hassle, many people step back. If you are having doubts about beginning your musical journey with Ukulele, we can assure you that it’s actually very easy to play.

There is a fine reason behind the ukulele being known as the “People’s Instrument”. It is easier than the other stringed instruments, and it takes much less time to learn. There is a pretty good chance that a beginner can pick up the basics of a ukulele within around 10 minutes. Practicing the ukulele and spending a fair amount of time every day will make you more comfortable to play songs with easy tunes in 3 to 6 months.

The strings of the ukulele are gentler on your fingertips than the other stringed instruments, which doesn’t create much pain on your fingers. The tensions in your wrists are reduced due to the comfortable small size of the instrument. This also helps to reach the notes without stretching. This is basically what makes the ukulele a people friendly instrument. 

The Ukulele has a very comfortable size!

The ukulele is pretty easy to play for a number of reasons. The size of this instrument, to begin with. The ukulele has a small size and lightweight frame which makes it a great instrument to pick up. The Soprano is the smallest and the Beraton is the biggest. The Tenor, being one of the biggest sizes is still fairly small and has a very comfortable size. Due to the convenient size of the instrument, it’s easier to hold even without a strap.  An average soprano ukulele weighs in at just under a pound which makes traveling around with a ukulele seem like carrying a breeze. It’s pretty easy to grab a couple of chords, for example the C chord and A minor chord, with just one finger. Just start by learning the basics and getting a good hold on your ukulele.

Ukulele chords are easy to memorize.

Most chords of a ukulele have simple shapes and are really easy to memorize and play. The ukulele has only four strings, which is less than all the other stringed instruments. This helps a learner grasp the lessons and get a hold on the chords in comparatively less time. The uncomplicated shapes of chords of the ukulele makes the instrument plain sailing to play. Because of less number of strings, it is not too difficult to memorize. In fact, the chord shapes which need to be played with 3 or 4 fingers on the guitar, can easily be played with just 1 finger on the ukulele. 

Strings of Ukuleles are gentler.

Unlike the other stringed instruments, the ukulele has strings made of nylon. Nylon strings are gentler than the other string materials, causing less pain during strumming. Due to this, the strings are much easier to hold and press down in comparison to guitars and basses. Apart from comfort, other benefit that Nylon strings have over steel, is that it does not create any squeaking sound while moving across the strings. 

Playing songs have never been easier!

About two weeks of practicing a ukulele is what you need to be able to play a good number of songs pretty well. All you need to do is practice regularly. The good news is that you start playing songs with just one chord. If you can press down on one string, on the C chord, that is good enough to go with a lot songs. The next useful chord is F. It is, however, slightly more difficult to grasp. But you will get hold of it pretty soon if you practice for a while. Even if that come easy just yet, you can try the A minor chord. Just like the C chord, A minor chord is only one string. It is just a little further away so you will have to curl your hand a bit. But getting the hang of it can be pretty quick. Besides, it introduces half of an F chord to you as well. 

These three chords are good enough for playing a number of lullabies and simple pop songs.

Most songs can be adapted for the ukulele:

You can play most of the popular songs easily on a ukulele. Infact, songs that have the chords which seem arduous while playing on other instruments, can be paired down and simplified for the ukulele. This defines that you can adapt most of the music in pop culture to the ukulele. This gives you the access of playing thousands of easy songs with your ukulele.

If you face troubles while adapting your favorite songs, there is a massive amount of resources and tutorials on the internet related to ukulele to the rescue. The ukulele’s simple construction can make the songs with complicated chords easy to play.

Unlike instruments like pianos and guitars who have e huge ranges of notes, the ukulele has only four strings. This limited range makes the ukulele a more approachable instrument and easier to adapt songs to.

Great for small hands:

The ukulele is considered as one of the friendliest instruments to children and complete beginners. With the fret board of the ukulele being significantly thinner than other stringed instruments, it is easier to manage for people who have small hands. The tension of the strings is much less on the ukulele.


The ukulele is comparatively an easier instrument to play. It only seems hard if you lose patience. Regular practice for 20 minutes- that is all you need to go a long way with your ukulele journey.

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