Yousician Ukulele Review

Yousician Ukulele Review: Ukuleles have been around for a while but their popularity only seems to increase every day. It has all the features you could ask for as a beginner. Any beginner would know how difficult it could get to learn a new instrument. Ukuleles have easier chords than a guitar and they are more pleasant to your fingers. It is also one of the best instruments to self teach. There are thousands of resources available online for you to start.

Today we are here to present you one of the most fun ways to learn ukulele which is Yousician. It is an interactive music video game which lets you learn musical instruments and have fun at the same time. It offers lessons on four different instruments including ukulele. The app is available on both iOS and Android Play Store. 

The difference between video tutorials and Yousician is that it actually records the notes you are playing and gives feedback instantly. It is like having an actual teacher just by your side. We are going to do the Yousician Ukulele review of its app starting from its features, navigation, price point and the most important question “Will you actually learn anything?” Keep reading to find out the answer.

Who Is It For?

Yousician breaks each of the songs into easy video game lessons for the user. It is very much catered to beginners. The lessons are interactive as you can see the chords on the screen on your laptop, tab or mobile. As the songs are not very challenging, anyone in the intermediate or professional level would not find Yousician very difficult. 

As a beginner, it can get confusing where to start from as there are millions of resources out there. Yousician would be a good way to start as take the intimidating element away from the learning process.

Sign Up Process

The Yousician app is available on all platforms which is something we appreciate. When you sign up, you will be asked to select the instrument you want to learn. There will be guitar, bass, piano, ukulele and voice available. After that, you will be told to choose your current level of expertise with the instrument. If you are a complete beginner, choose that level. You also get to choose the amount of time you would like to spend here every day. For example, 10/20/30 minutes each day.

The sign up process is pretty easy and in case you get confused with the controls. Yousician provides a video tutorial to learn how to use the app. Now you can start learning.

Teaching Method

As we have already mentioned, Yousician is not a traditional learning process. It is an innovative game designed you to teach to play in the most engaging way. It will exactly show the strings and frets on the screen that you will play on your own ukulele. You will have to follow the ball on your screen as it shows when to play a note. The microphone on your device will record the note and the app will give you feedback based on your accuracy and timing. There will be a song bar on the bottom of your screen which is great to track your progress and earn points to win the game against your friends.

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What we liked the most about this app is that you get to switch between 2 different modes which are practice model and auto tempo mode. Slow down the speed according to your needs. The entire song you will choose will be divided into parts and each will be unlocked when you complete the previous notes. This ensures you are actually learning and beat you friends at it too.

Song Range

Yousician has quite a good range of music available on the app’s song tab. If you are done with the mission songs, go to the songs tab and search your favorite songs or meme to play. Most popular songs can be found there but these are not only the original versions. Yousician does not want to get a copyright strike for it. However, we would prefer the original songs more as users can understand what’s going on with the song and learn the techniques for it. 


Yousician offers 7 days trial pack of the premium version. After that if you want to continue learning, you will have to opt for one of their standards packs. For example:  If ukulele is the only option for you the price would be $19.99 every month. The premium version comes at a price rate of $29.99. If you want to learn the other instruments too, the premium package should be your choice. The price is obviously very expensive and we would not recommend if you don’t have such a big budget to learn ukulele. There are many other options available on the internet too. So decide what you want accordingly.

Will You Learn Anything At All?

The answer is yes. Yousician is especially designed for the beginners. It shows exactly the way you have to touch and make the notes. It will guide you when you make a mistake with its microphone hearing technology. You will get to practice a new song everyday and earn points from your own learning. The learning process will be more fun than ever. 


  • Learning and playing games is fun
  • Pretty spot on at picking up the notes.
  • Competitive game
  • Pretty good learning
  • Tuner included


  • Expensive
  • Not for intermediate/professional level
  • Lack of in depth in topics

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap on our Yousician ukulele review. If you want an innovative way to learn ukulele and have fun with your friends simultaneously, Yousician is the one. It will engage you more than the traditional ways of learning and the chances of getting distracted are lower. But get the 7days premium trial first to know if you want to learn from it not. If you like it overall, then go for it. Best of Luck!

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